Yoga Safari through Rwanda and Uganda

An all-inclusive journey for the body, mind & soul

Take a break from your daily grind and immerse yourself in the heartwarming cultures of Rwanda and Uganda. We are offering an 15-day Yoga Safari during which all of your senses will be on full alert. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by nature, to discover vast landscapes, follow relaxing yoga classes in unique locations and acquaint yourself with the openness of the African people. A once in a lifetime road trip with a touch of yoga, but especially … a touch of Africa.

An unforgettable yoga vacation

Adventurous Yoga Travels’ next destination is Rwanda and Uganda. Under the inspired coaching of Geertje ‘Peer’ Brinkmann: a dance, yoga and Pilates teacher with her own studio, you will make a varied journey through the habitats of both countries. An experience to never forget.

  • Small group of up to six people.
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions (morning and evening).
  • All overnight lodgings, food and drinks are included.
  • Guided tours working together with the local populace.
  • Open Safari jeeps for the ultimate experience of your surroundings.
  • Conscious travel with respect for nature.

Are you curious about the trip and costs? Read more below.

This unique Yoga Safari is both an inner and an outer journey. Expect overwhelming nature with vast savannahs, jungle, mountains, lakes, and last but certainly not least, the animal kingdom: among others elephants, rhinos, lions, hippos, apes, monkeys, various kinds of buck, zebra and giraffe. What a privilege to see and experience these animals in their natural habitat! In addition you get to experience the culture and soul of Rwanda and Uganda. The impressions, the excursions we make and the people you will meet on our trip will leave an indelible impression on you. In short: real food for the heart & soul.

What do we have planned?  

  • Game drives
  • Gorilla treks (optional)
  • Boat safari
  • Boda Boda Tours
  • Visit to a school (karma yoga – donate supplies)
  • Rhino Sanctuary
  • Visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial
  • An evening dancing (on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings they dance in Uganda and we will dance with them)

Experience Africa in all its beauty, warmth and authenticity!

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With Adventurous Yoga Travels you travel consciously, respecting the local people, animals and nature. In some instances you may need to adapt to the local way of doing things. Taking photographs is perfectly okay for example, but treat your subjects with respect. Additionally, it is important to minimise our waste and plastic. To get you off to a flying start, on booking the trip you will receive a free jungle and nature-proof welcome package, which includes items like plastic-free soap and toothpaste.

Your investment for an 15-day Yoga Safari through Rwanda and Uganda is €4220. Please note, this does not include your flight, visa and travel insurance.

  • 14 nights sleeping in luxury hotels, lodges and tents. NB! The price is based on two persons sharing a room with separate beds. If you would prefer your own room, please inquire about the possibilities.
  • Transport from and to the airport.
  • All-inclusive: breakfast, lunch, dinner (also vegetarian), mineral water, coffee, tea and juices.
  • Tours, game drives, a boat trip and other activities.
  • Professional accompaniment by a local guide.

Peer's inspiration

The people, culture, resilience and creativity: Rwanda and Uganda touch you right in the heart. So my desire to let people experience this special continent for themselves is great. Coincidentally, a while ago I met Mike, a local Ugandan entrepreneur with his own guide and safari company Remikable Adventures. He explained that yoga teacher trainings are in high demand in Uganda. Offering yoga makes it possible for locals to give yoga classes to expats (including those in Kampala). I told him about my ideas for a retreat and how I always like to give something back to the country I visit. And so together we came up with the concept of "Yoga Safari through Rwanda and Uganda. We take locals through training with the goal that they will eventually take over the organization and run the Yoga Safaris completely independently. My wish for there is more supply, more employment and more future prospects. A great contrast to how we live here, in all our wealth.

Experience the soul of surprising Rwanda and untouched Uganda. Join me!

- Peer

Rwanda and Uganda in a nutshell

Rwanda: a country that has gone through extremely difficult times following the propaganda-fuelled genocide in 1994, from which it has so strongly recovered. I have so much admiration for the resilience of the people. The country is developing rapidly: there is clearly an investment in community, there are countless hip places, the streets are spotlessly clean, the use of plastic is being reduced, drinking water supply services have been established throughout the country, the traffic is organised, and many women now hold top positions within NGOs and in politics. And most importantly: 25 years after the genocide, tribal distinctions no longer define identity. Everyone is Rwandan. Rwanda is buzzing and bubbling like never before. We westerners can learn from this.

And then Uganda, a country for which the opposite is true. Read: delightful African disorder (according to our norms). The free, creative spirit and the apparent openness helps us to become grounded and free ourselves from our - sometimes constricting and rigid - western structures. The warmth and beauty of the community spirit are felt everywhere in Uganda: the people work together and are there for each other when needed. But of course there are also concerns. For example, how to ensure there is enough food on the table at the end of the day, and of course medical care. Nevertheless the people here appear happy and content with what they have. A huge contrast with how we live amidst all of our riches.  


Enthusiastic about wanting to experience Rwanda and Uganda for yourself? Then sign up for this unique Yoga Safari and receive a free welcome package. We travel in small groups so don't wait too long to reserve your spot. If you have questions, ask them via the form or contact Peer directly via +31(0)622493809 (call or WhatsApp).

The journey

All-inclusive 15-day Yoga Safari through Rwanda and Uganda
Date: multiple start dates
Price: € 4220,- Excl. Flight, visa and travel insurance